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Not managing to get skeletal animation properly imported from max to directX (.x), I created a tool to animate a skeleton in which each bone was a separate mesh. The UI is a bit weird, but it’s the best way I had at that time to show text in 3D.

A game that I’m creating in a slightly different way then usual. All focus is on game play and I’m allowing myself to constantly steer the game towards other genres. Who knows where it will end up? I don’t but I sure hope it will be fun to play.

A project I did to learn how to create games in Ogre.

A big project I did to teach myself 3D game creation. You can download and play it for free.

When writing inspectors for your custom components, you will soon notice Unity will only remember the values of some parameters, while it forgets about others. Here’s how I dealt with it.

I’ve been working on some improved terrain tools to use in the Unity editor. Mainly it works with hints and a stack of modifiers, requiring minimal manual work to create a nice terrain. It also allows you to have a simple form of dropshadows in Unity free.

Working on a Unity iPhone game. Check out the 3D model I made.

Part 3 will show you how to have a flash preloading animation while unity is loading.

Part 2 shows you how to make a separate preloader movie in unity (unity preloading unity).

Part 1 shows you the limited ways available to skin the built-in Unity preloader.

Short tutorial showing you how to use an online tool to draw new tween curves and then use them in a flash tweener like TweenMax.

I demonstrate how to do a custom 3D from the ground up in flash in a way that it matches the built-in 3D transform perfectly.

Adobe finally released the RTMP protocol to the developer community. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/rtmp/

I show how to place the Google maps for flash on a 3D plane. It’s still valid if you don’t want people to install the Google Earth plugin.

Better trace function for flash. Example: tracef("my name is {0}", name)

I bought a HP computer that broke down and HP didn’t help.

Dynamic textfields with custom fonts have always been extremely buggy in flash. This is a fix for one of the many bugs you will encounter.

What is probably a typing error that has been in this error message for ages now made it very hard for me to fix my error.

I reverse engineered RTMP to have Unity talk to flash media server.

When Unity3D was new and unknown I wrote this as an introduction to potential developers.

First blog post on bugshake.com